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About G.W.

The personal injury legal process is an arduous and sometimes painful journey.  

I believe my job is to protect each one of my clients allowing he or she the time and resources to heal both physically and mentally from their accident.  I deal with the liability insurance carriers, their lawyers, the medical providers and bill collectors.  If I do my job well the client should remain insulated to the greatest extent possible from the daily aspects of their case. 

Despite the overwhelming number of advertisements to the contrary my focus as an injury lawyer is not simply to “get you the compensation you deserve”.  Money obtained as a result of a personal injury settlement, while often substantial, is rarely enough to aid an injured person in dealing with the “new normal”. There are day to day struggles in coping with debilitating and life altering injuries, chronic pain and depression.  Many times clients will temporarily regain their health only to later realize the long term permanent implications associated with the injury.  

My true work is to employ the resources to assist my clients in coping with physical and emotional trauma.  There is the issue of missed work and providing for your family. There is the issue of choosing trusted medical personnel to aid you in your journey to recovery, along with the mounting bills for these services.  There is the issue of depression from the constant pain you are experiencing, the emotional and psychological impact of being unable to physically perform in the same way you did prior to the accident.  

Injuries shatter dreams. There is self-doubt. Health problems take a toll on all of your relationships, those with your spouse, your children, your friends, and your co-workers.  These issues are real. They are a part of just about every case I handle.

Every client and every case is unique. The question in deciding on a lawyer to take your case is whether or not he understands you, whether he can relate to what you are going through. Simply stated, does he “get it”?

I attended Lafayette High School and went on to play football at UL at Lafayette. While playing ball I took my health for granted. Along the way I had numerous injuries, many requiring surgery, and have suffered the permanent repercussions from those operations.   I specialize in personal injury claims because of these experiences.  I will forever be affected by what has happened in my own life and know what it means to have to deal with life altering injuries and conditions.

I am passionate about overall health and wellness. I provide support to my clients to enable them to achieve quality medical care from patient oriented health care providers.  This is important to me.  I take much satisfaction in seeing my clients recover from their injuries with their hopes and plans for the future, and that of their family, well intact.