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My grandmother’s life and that of my family was forever changed when she was injured at a local hospital while going in for routine testing. Her injuries were so severe that she is now paralyzed. The hospital administration initially denied any responsibility for causing her injuries. It was a very stressful time for our family. GW made sure we were protected from the hospital lawyers and that money was set aside to take care of my grandmother for the rest of her life.  

Karen L, Abbeville, LA
I was hit by an 18 Wheeler on I-10 in Baton Rouge and suffered a painful back injury. The trucking company gave me the run around at first. When it was all said and done I received a substantial settlement to cover my medical bills, missed work, and pain and suffering. Since the accident I have been able to resume my job as a coach. 

Stanley S, Pineville, LA
My mother suffered a brain injury after falling from a stretcher at a local hospital.  After she regained consciousness she still had many months of therapy before she could return home.  The hospital refused to take responsibility for her injuries.  GW made sure my mother was able to see the best specialists available to evaluate the trauma to her head.  After seeing the reports, the hospital asked to settle the case. GW was able to negotiate the medical bills for a fraction of what was owed and the settlement was structured in such a way that we no longer have to worry about money for her care. 

Robert T, Lafayette, LA
I was in a minor car accident on Johnston Street in Lafayette. Since I had a previous injury ten years ago, I immediately knew something was wrong with my back.  I was referred to GW by a co-worker.  After seeing a well-respected local orthopedist and several months of physical therapy, I was told I needed back surgery.  After the surgery GW checked in on me regularly. Even though the insurance company argued that I had an old injury and they were not responsible for my losses, they paid the claim.  My back surgery is now completely healed. I have returned to work. The settlement money I was able to put aside gives me peace of mind for the future as I still have a teenage daughter to provide for. 

Tammy K, Lafayette, LA 
I suffered a fall at a local construction supply store and injured my back. I am a local business owner.  My job requires a substantial amount of manual labor. The injury took me out of work and put me under the care of a doctor for many months. The company claimed there was no substance on the floor at the time of the incident and they were not responsible for my being hurt. I never thought I would need a personal injury lawyer, but I did.  It was a hard case but GW reassured me we would have a successful outcome and we did. 

Sterling M, Lafayette, LA.
I was injured in an accident when another vehicle ran a stop sign in New Iberia. The accident totaled both cars. The crash was so severe that I needed both a shoulder and knee surgery. Due to my age I was reluctant to undergo the major surgeries. Through this decision GW helped ensure I was still granted fair compensation and respected the discretion I was entitled too. I met with GW, he explained things to me, and I hired him to pursue the claim. I was very pleased with the result. 

Hector P, New Iberia, LA.